Welcome to Redwater, AB

The small town of Redwater, AB has a history dating to 1906, when it was first settles by Ukrainian homesteaders. It was a farming community for nearly half a century until oil was discovered 1948, leading to a boom in the economy and population. The original 45-meter discovery well still stands today as a symbol of Redwater’s history and bright future in the oil industry.

Things to Do in Redwater

Redwater Community Golf Course

Hit the links at this well maintained 9-hole course with exceptional green and an overall enjoyable golf experience. Green fees and memberships are very reasonable and open daily from 7am to 9pm.

Redwater Museum

Known as the “Hidden Gem of Redwater” the museum is a window into our town’s rich history, from the homesteading era, through the discovery of oil and into the present day. There are numerous historical artefacts and interactive exhibits for you to explore.

Sandhills Redwater Natural Area

One of the largest sand dune fields in southern Alberta, the Sandhills Redwater Natural Area is a great place to go off-roading and hiking.

Redwater Points of Interest