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Redwater is home to some of the best outdoor amenities in all of Alberta—which also makes it a fantastic city to visit with your dog! Sprawling, laid back, and scenic, Redwater offers a bounty of terrain that both you and your furry best friend will love to explore and continue to discover. Keep reading for our top picks to roam.

Centennial Park 

Centennial Park is centrally located and expansive, providing plenty of grassy ground for you and your dog to cover. For energetic dogs, it’s a great place to throw a ball, play fetch, and run around. For slower paced pooches, it’s also ideal for a leisurely stroll. 

Redwater Provincial Recreation Area

Home to some of the largest sand dunes in the region, Redwater Provincial Recreation Area is a popular destination for ATV riding. The park is also filled with beautiful nature trails that wind through the woods, making it a top spot to walk your dog, bird watch, and just take in the natural beauty of the area.  

West River’s Edge Dog Park 

Perfect for a day trip, West River’s Edge Dog Park is located just over 30 minutes away in nearby Fort Saskatchewan. Big, beautiful, and right on the water bank, it’s one of the most gorgeous parks in the area and great for dogs who like to splash in the water. There’s even a doggy playground, for those who are working on their agility skills!

If you’re planning a weekend getaway or staycation in Redwater, be sure to book your stay with us here at Paradise Inn & Suites Redwater. We’re a proudly pet-friendly hotel, conveniently located close to lots of great dog parks (including Centennial), and welcome up to two pets per-room. Our accommodations are clean, spacious, and comfortable, equipped with excellent in-room amenities such as a full kitchen and fridge, Jacuzzi, coffeemaker, free Wi-Fi, and 42-inch flat-screen HDTV.

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Whether you are in Redwater to see some old friends or to go on an adventure, there are plenty of fun activities you could take up while staying in this beautiful city that would keep you engaged and in the fall spirit. 

Here are the top activities we recommend taking part in while staying in Redwater:



Going fishing may not be the first activity that comes to people’s mind when thinking of what to do in Redwater. But believe it or not, Redwater is actually home to a couple of good bodies of water that you can go fishing in.

Whether it’s going to the Sturgeon River to catch some pike and burbot, or to the Redwater River to pick up some Northern Pikes and Walleye, it can be good to take a step back, grab your fishing gear, and be immersed in the beautiful fall atmosphere for a day or two.



What better way to stay in the fall spirit than to be walking around the city and witnessing up close and in person the beautiful transition into the new season.

Centennial Park is stunning at this time of year as the greens of summer make way to the fiery fall foliage. Enjoy wandering around Redwater's numerous shops and neighbourhoods to get you in the fall spirit.



If sharpening up your golf skills or trying out a new sport sounds intriguing, then you should head on over to Redwater’s Community Golf Club.

This golf club is a marquee attraction in this city. It’s nine-hole course surrounded by beautiful greens make it a place you have to on the top of your to-do list.


If you want to make the most of the fall season, plan your trip and enjoy comfortable accommodations and quality amenities at Paradise Inn & Suites Redwater. Conveniently located near the town's best fall attractions.


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Redwater is home to magnificent greens, trails, golf courses, and more features and amenities. But did you know that Redwater is also relatively close to a handful of magnificent streams of water where one can go fishing in?

Here are two spots that you might like:


Approximately 15 minutes away from the Paradise Inn hotel is the beautiful Redwater river. Here you might catch a handful of different types of fish including Northern Pikes, Walleye, Goldeye, and many more. The river is also very close to the Redwater Provincial Recreation Area which also has plenty of other fun activities one could take up.


If you want to catch other kinds of fish including pike, perch, and burbot then checking out the Sturgeon river should definitely be at the top of your fishing to-do list. This 260km stream of water’s mouth is the North Saskatchewan River and is approximately a 25-30-minute drive from the Redwater Paradise Inn. 

After finishing a long day of catching fish, you could go head on over to the Vinca Bridge and take in the tremendous view of this amazing river.

During this unprecedented pandemic where many of us can be very stressed or burned out from all that is going on in our day to day lives, sometimes it can be good to take a step back, grab your fishing gear, and be immersed in nature for a day or two.

If getting away sounds like the perfect idea, then book your stay at the Paradise Inn & Suites Redwater.  We offer comfortable accommodations and quality amenities for your stay. 


If you decide to go fish in one of these areas, please ensure that you are abiding by and participating in all COVID-19 safety procedures and precautions brought to you by Paradise Inn & Suites, and the Federal and Provincial governments in order to make sure that we can all continue to go fishing safely.

The coronavirus crisis is, of course, a serious matter, and we should all endeavour to act responsibly during these testing times. However, it’s not as if all fun has to cease entirely. There are plenty of ways you can have fun, even though public gatherings will be cancelled. And that includes when you’re travelling. If you and your family find yourself in a hotel room with nowhere to go, then try one of the activities outlined below.

card games

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Play games

If you’ve got an open evening to enjoy, then why not look at playing some card games? There are plenty of family-friendly games you could play, or you can pick up a deck of a game like Uno, and have some simple and childish fun. If you’re thinking ahead and driving to the hotel, then a board game can also provide many hours of fun.

Tell stories

Stories connect us to the past and lay a foundation for the future. How much do your kids really know about the life you used to lead, or the lives of your parents and other family members? When you’ve got nowhere to be, telling each other tales of days gone by can be fun for everyone in your clan.

Watch something

If you were at home, you’d spend time watching television or movies all together. So why not do it when you’re all in lockdown? Take a flick through, and you’ll surely find something that everyone wants to watch. 

If you’re going to ride out lockdown, then do so at the best hotel in Redwater. At the Paradise Inn & Suites Redwater, you’ll have everything you need to have a good time with your family. All of our comfortable accommodations - which include traditional rooms and large suites -- include a large television, kitchen amenities, and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi 


It doesn’t matter who you’re visiting Redwater with, you’ll definitely have a wonderful time - even if you're visiting family! Aside from receiving a warm welcome and having an opportunity to enjoy some quality time together, you’ll also find that our town offers plenty of fun activities to enjoy as a clan. If you’re planning a trip to Redwater in the near future, you’ll have a chance to check out fun family day activities, engage in outdoor adventures, and visit places where you'll learn about the town's local history. Check out all the details below, bring the family and get ready for new adventures together!

family baby
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A fun day out

What better way to spend quality time with your family than by checking out a family-friendly event? The Family Day event in Redwater will take place on February 17, 1 pm to 4 pm, at Pembina Place, and will include many fun activities to be enjoyed together such as face painting, painting, storytime, fort building, ice skating, mini golf and bean bag tossing. There will be special performances by Championship Figure Skaters, the Heartland High Energy Jump Rope Club and more. Family Day would not be complete without hot chocolate and ice cream sundaes!  Take this special time to connect with your loved ones.

Into the outdoors

It’s always fun to head out into the great outdoors with your family. When you’re in Redwater, make sure to visit the Sandhills - Redwater Provincial Recreation Area, which has the honour of being home to one of the largest sand dunes in all of Alberta! Strap on your hiking boots, and bring your binoculars for birdwatching. While there's still snow, explore the natural beauty of the park by snowmobile.

Learning the history

Are your children curious and eager to learn? Stop by the Redwater Museum, and learn about the fascinating history of the quaint town you’re visiting. Take the family along for an entertaining and educational journey through the origins and development of Redwater, from settlement and homestead days, to the discovery of oil in 1948. There are over 4,000 photographs on display that document the rich history of this great pioneer town and its' people.

There is much fun to be had in Redwater and much to learn as well. For families there are Family Day celebrations, outdoor activities, and fascinating musuems. You can round off your visit by staying in wonderfully comfortable accommodations at the Paradise Inn & Suites Redwater. Choose from a range of accommodation types to fulfill your family's needs. To make the most of your stay, take advantage of impressive hotel features such as free high-speed Wi-Fi, full kitchens, insuite Jacuzzis, fitness centre, complimentary breakfast served daily and much more. We have pet-friendly rooms, so your entire family can enjoy a memorable stay in Redwater. Book your stay with us today!

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If you’re travelling to Alberta this winter and are exploring small towns like Redwater, you can find many fun and entertaining things to do. Whether you would like to stay within city limits or venture out to nearby cities such as Edmonton, Alberta offers interesting attractions for all visitors from near and far. Check out a couple of suggestions below to make your getway trip or leisurely vacation special and memorable.

The Hidden Gem of Redwater

The Hidden Gem of Redwater is better known as the Redwater Pioneer Museum, a modest building almost buried away between the public library and a restaurant in a strip mall on 48th Street. However, once inside it's a journey back in time to the homestead days before the discovery of oil in 1948 on Hilton Cook Farm, not far from Redwater. The life and times of the pioneers that lived during this era are documented throughout the museum by a collection of displays, photographs and artifacts. A special World War II exhibit is dedicated to honoring the brave veterans that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. The museum is open Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm and Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

West Edmonton Mall

There is so more much to do at West Edmonton Mall apart from marathon shopping at over 800 stores and an eating spree at over 100 dining spots. Have fun while getting wet at the World Waterpark, a 5-acre playground housing 17 waterslides, hot tubs, kiddie pools and more. You can also zipline across the park on the SkyFlyer Zipline.
Take a peak at Galaxyland, the largest indoor amusement park in North America, featuring 27 thrilling rides, exciting attractions and playground space. For something educational and fun, visit Marine Life, an underground aquarium housing more than 100 species of marine animals. Be entertained by 4 California sea lions performing daily at Sea Lions' Rock.
While in Redwater, Alberta, you can find entertaining activities around town, but you can also find comfortable stylish accommodations with impressive amenities to make your stay pleasant and stress-free. Room features include full kitchens, 42-inch HDTV, refrigerator and microwave. For an ultra-luxurious experience, request the King Jacuzzi Kitchenette Room. Guests at Paradise Inn & Suites Redwater can also expect a complimentary breakfast served daily, free high-speed Wi-Fi and a fitness centre. Make your travel plans with us in mind and book your stay today!

Cinema film festival
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A short drive outside of Redwater, Alta. and you're in Edmonton, and this week, the city will be home to quite a few not-to-miss events. Check out the list below:

Night out on the North Saskatchewan 

On Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019, spend the night celebrating the North Saskatchewan River Valley with tasty treats from local food and drink vendors, River Valley stories, and a concert by Shoen Duo and the Mountain Soul Singers. This is your chance to gain some insight into Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River Valley - the largest stretch of urban parkland in North America. Filled with untouched nature, it’s also home to porcupines, deers, coyotes, muskrats, hares, beavers and more. 
During this event, you will hear first-hand stories about everything from - “the valley through the eyes of tracker and trapper” to “snakes on a flood plain.” And don’t forget about the food. Each $65 ticket offers you a wide range of food options, from a wild boar burger to a stuffed grilled cheese. Be sure to check out the details (and menu!) in advance online, and buy your tickets here.

Edmonton International Film Festival 

Take a drive into Edmonton on the night of October 3 to catch an evening of family-friendly short films as part of the Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF). All the films being shown are in competition for the Best Short Film award, which qualifies them for Oscar consideration. So who knows, you might be watching an Oscar-winning short film that night. This is a free event, but you must reserve your spot in advance through Eventbrite
This night of shorts is only one of the highlights of the Edmonton International Film Festival that is running all week, from Sept. 26 to Oct. 5. Films, short, long, funny, dramatic, all screen at the Landmark Cinemas City Centre. Some films will have special guests in attendance. It’s your chance to talk one-on-one with directors, producers, and fellow film lovers. Be sure to check out the EIFF 2019 program guide in advance, buy your tickets, and plan you trip! 

Want to stay outside the city? Consider staying at Paradise Inn and Suites in Redwater! Your home away from home, our rooms always offer something special to make your trip go smoothly from a complete kitchenette to a jacuzzi in room. Whether you’re here for the northern Alberta wilderness or a film festival, secure your spot in advance!
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Looking for unique activities to enjoy with family and friends to top off the end of summer? Check out Redwater Alberta this summer to experience some of the best of what the prairies have to offer. From unique festivals to outdoor activities there is something for everybody.

Discovery Days

Discovery Days is a unique three day weekend festival that happens once a year in Redwater. This year Discovery Days are set to take part August 16-18. The festival is organized by the Redwater & District Agricultural Society. The weekend includes activities for both adults and kids as well as a slo-pitch tournament. 


If you are planning on checking out Discovery Days make sure that you are there on August 17. This is when the Discovery Day yearly parade will be happening, an event for the entire family to enjoy.

Outdoor Activities

Planning on visiting Redwater with some adventure junkies in your group? Make sure that you stop at the sand dunes of Redwater. The Sandhills Natural area is home to one of the largest sand dunes in the region. Located near the North Saskatchewan River these dunes are in the

Northeast area of Sturgeon County. It is recommended that you travel these dunes using recreational vehicles. There is a mix of natural trails and off-roading that will be perfect for a mixture of experience levels.

If your group is looking for some ways to have fun or relax after your trip to the sand dunes make sure to check out the Redwater swimming pool for a way to cool down.

Excited for your trip to Redwater this summer and wondering where you can stay? Make sure to make accommodations at Redwater Paradise Inn and Suites. For ultimate comfort for you and your party we offer a mixture of rooms with kitchenettes. Our rooms include modern furnishings to allow for a comfortable and cozy stay for all. 

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Red Water, AB may be a small town but that doesn't mean you won’t be entertained when you visit. Among many attractions our town holds is Finnegan Farm which is open to the public this Spring 2019.

Get in Touch With Your Country Side

Finnegan Farms is a full-service equestrian centre that offers an array of services along with the usual horse boarding and riding lessons. Whether you've never been on the back or a horse before or are a pro horse jumper, Finnegan Farm will introduce you to the equestrian life in a fun and safe way. Their centre offers an indoor riding arena with mezzanine, outdoor jumping ring, and access to kilometers of riding trails in the Redwater area.

Prices, location & More

Along with their fabulous equestrian facility, Finnegan Farm offers an array of services including riding lessons, wagon rides, and a petting zoo. The petting zoo includes all the farm animals you could imagine such as pigs, cows, goat, donkeys, and of course horses. Various rates apply for the wagon ride including $250 for a 30 minute ride for 10 people or see how your ancestors did it with a $200 wagon ride outside of the farm throughout the surrounding wilderness. Finnegan Farm is located at 57012 Range Road, Sturgeon Country.

Redwater Paradise Inn & Suites is a quick 15-minute drive to Finnegan Farm. Booking with our hotel not only ensures you great location; but we offer luxurious, comfortable suites as well, including all the amenities you need while away from home. 

There’s something for everyone at the Edmonton Expo Centre! With so many special events and shows happening there year round, there’s hardly a dull moment. This April, you’re sure to find a great event to check out no matter what you’re into. Here are some of our suggestions for events to attend and conventions to explore this April:

The Edmonton Motor Show | April 4-7

Any car enthusiast is going to want to be here. For four days, you can see the latest from automotive manufacturers and experts, including classics, exotics, custom models, and much more. There will be over 750 vehicles onsite, plus test drive zones, simulators, and a collector car auction. There will also be plenty of contests and prizes to be won, including a brand new car for one lucky winner! This is an all-ages show, so little car enthusiasts are welcome to tag along.

The Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show | April 13-14

This show is for the ladies! This is a great opportunity to spend a few days celebrating women in the company of other great women. You can explore workshops and talks, shop at a market of female-owned businesses, support female-focused non-profits, and of course meet other attendees in a fun and supportive environment.

Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival | April 26-28

Whether you’re covered head to toe, a blank canvas, or somewhere in between, you’ll want to check out the incredible talent at the Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival. Even if you’re not considering getting inked, the sheer mastery of the art alone is worth seeing. This event will give you a chance to see incredible tattoo artists at work, plus check out retail exhibits, contests, and live entertainment. If you are interested in getting inked, it’s also a great opportunity to check out artists you might not have otherwise discovered!
Don’t break the bank staying at a pricey hotel in the city. Our Redwater accommodation is only a 45 minute drive away from the Edmonton Expo Centre, which offers plenty of free parking as well. Plus, we offer free parking, making us a great place to stay if you’re road tripping or exploring the area by car. Paradise Inn & Suites Redwater is the perfect destination if you’re looking to save money, explore an awesome little Canadian town, and be within easy reach of a big city all at the same time.